Resources Available

As part of our mission to serve our community and our members, the Sutherland Christadelphians promote spiritual growth, Bible study, counselling and care in as many ways as we can. Some samples are included on this page. Please note that content in these linked websites may not necessarily reflect the views of the Sutherland Christadelphians.

Local Christadelphians

Sutherland talks

Examples of Christadelphian talks

Ecclesial forum

Local ecclesial status and communications

Local ecclesias

Contact and location details for NSW / ACT

Local calendar

Local ecclesial calendar and activities

NSW Committee

NSW / ACT Christadelphians

In Australia


Thought provoking

Press on journal

Engaging perspectives for a spiritual life

Bible School audio recordings

Bible School audio recordings from the US

Bible Studies by John Launchbury

On various Bible topics

Bible reading

Daily Bible Readings

A useful Bible Reading plan to read the whole Bible in a year

You Version Bible

Non Christadelphian free Bible app.  Simple to use. Many versions

Bible Gateway

Non Christadelphian commercial Bible tools. Simple to use

New European Bible

New Christadelphian Bible version with study tools and commentary

Bible Companion

Christadelphian Carelinks Bible app, study tools and commentary

Bible Study apps

Bible Hub

Bible study app.
Please use with care

E Sword

Bible study app.
Please use with care

Study Light

Bible study app.
Please use with care

Unbound Bible

Bible study app.
Please use with care

The Word Bible

Bible study app, Please use with care

CrossWire Bible Tool

Bible study app. Please use with care


Bible study app. Please use with care

Bible answers

Bible Q

Bible questions with an index

Lifes BIG questions

Answering Life's BIG questions

Glad Tidings Videos

Pratical message videos

Wrested Scriptures

Difficult passages examined

Bible Study materials

This is Your Bible

Online Bible courses. Q&A forum

Glad Tidings

Online or emailed Bible magazine

Key To The Bible

Learn more about God’s message

Bible Study Courses

Basic step-by-step Bible Study courses

Bridge to the Bible

A gateway to many Bible gems

World Watch

Weekly looking at current events

The Bible Project

Non Christadelphian video Bible summaries

Bible Basics

Some basics about the Bible

Bible Booklets

A series of booklets on Christadelphian beliefs

Kingdom Tidings

Some challenging articles to consider

Bible photos

Bible related and indexed photos

WCF Videos

A series of Bible related videos (see media - videos)

The Bible Feed

Christadelphian content on the Bible

Online Bible School

Variety of Bible Studies for all ages

Halifax Street Church

Christadelphian content on the Bible

Riverwood Church

Christadelphian content on the Bible

Bible fun and activities

Bible Quizzes

Non Christadelphian site with a wide variety of Bible quizzes

Bible Jigsaw Puzzles

Non Christadelphian Bible jigsaw puzzles

Christadelphian organisations

Christadelphian School

Sample of a Christadelphian school located in Sydney

Sunday School Union

Great teaching materials
for children

Sunday School Association

A range of Sunday School
Bible materials

Meal A Day world charity

To sponsor various
sustainable projects

Agape in Action world charity

To sponsor children and families in extreme poverty

Aged Care Provider

Experienced aged care provider serving Australia

Pakuranga Christadelphians

Interesting video Bible studies from New Zealand

Scriptural advice & care resources

Some care resources

Online Christadelphian care resources throughout Australia

Some Bible advice for when...

Bible advice for when you not feeling the best

Good Christadelphian Talks

Podcasts through Spotify, Facebook & YouTube


God centred care resources for various life stages

Good Christadelphian Talk

Good local Christadelphian Women's talks